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Signature Treatments

Signature Treatments

Exclusively created for and by SPArsh Spa, these treatments are borrowed from royal traditions and ancient Indian spiritual remedies.

  • Chandanā : Skin Soother

    Traditionally used in the tropics, pure Sandalwood paste and Aloe Vera are known for their cooling and nourishing effects on the skin. Once the paste is applied, your body is wrapped in soft organic linen for a richly nurturing experience. This soothing after sun treatment will leave your skin healthy and refreshed.

  • Jivaniya : Invigorate

    An energizing treatment to relieve muscular tension and improve blood circulation. This treatment includes an exfoliating herbal scrub, a heat-stimulating wrap of exotic spices and herbs from the hills of India, followed by a revitalizing massage.

  • Shudhikarā : Detoxifying

    A unique combination of therapies used to purify the system. A lymphatic drainage massage, a wholesome cleansing scrub and a plantain leaf wrap will leave you with a feeling of lightness.

  • Sushupti : Relax

    An indulgent body exfoliation and massage to relax and refresh you. A natural blend of rice, honey and cream is lightly massaged to exfoliate dead skin, infusing a youthful glow around you. Deeply nourishing, the massage stimulates blood circulation and fills you with renewed vigour. Stay in the moment a while longer, with a soft cotton conditioning wrap that enhances the experience. The paste is then tenderly rinsed off with a nourishing mix of warm milk sprinkled with flower petals. A languid facial massage with signature oils peels away the last trace of stress and gently ushers you into blissful serenity.


  • Vishramā : Deep Muscular

    A relaxing deep muscular massage to melt away your stress. Alternating palm and thumb strokes, skilled hands gently work on your tired and sore muscles with fragrant signature oil blends. Each muscle group is massaged, stretched and knotted nerves are gently eased. As a result, the body is realigned, the mind refocused and the energy flow within restored. The invigorating massage is followed by the application of a steaming poultice of therapeutic Indian herbs and is wrapped up with gentle strokes to soothe the muscles as you slip into sheer bliss.

  • Vishuddi : Detox

    Since ancient times, Vedic verses have been chanted to purify the atmosphere. This treatment and the chant invoke enhanced cleansing of the mind, body and spirit leading to internal and external purity.

  • Garshana : Exfoliation

    Is performed using silk gloves to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymph and energy, and your body eliminates the impurities gained in your daily life. A full body lymphatic drainage massage follows and finally you are warmly cocooned within a traditional Indian herb wrap. Cleansed anew, you will face the world again revived and rejuvenated.





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