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SPArsh approach to wellness is essentially through Ayurveda, the ancient body of knowledge of holistic wellness in the world. Ayurveda - A way of life defines wellness as a state of physical and psychological well-being as well as a contented state of consciousness. The desire of the guest to be in a state of wellness is central to this entire exercise.

Abhyanga (Including Snana)

Duration - 90 mins


The medicated herbal oil application, Abhyanga is not only a massage; it is a program where the oil is liberally applied using soft and gentle strokes in the downward direction. The mere soaking of the body in the prescribed oil for the said duration on a regular basis yields wide ranging benefits such as good appetite, alertness during the day, good sleep at night and reduced stress levels. It removes fatigue and daily aches and pains, giving a glowing skin.

Mukhalepa : Traditional Herbal Facial

Duration - 60 mins


A traditional beauty regimen, this Ayurveda facial gently cleanses and tones delicate skin. A medicated face pack enriched with natural herbs followed by application of exotic saffron oil, enhances the texture of the skin, leaving it blemish-free. A relaxing foot massage adds a soothing touch during the treatment & helps to build your immunity.

Pichu : An authentic traditional treatment for relieving stress and stiffness in your joints or back

Duration - 30 mins


Cotton and linen pads ‘Pichu’, soaked in hot medicated oils are gently placed on sore joints or back to offer immediate relief from pain and discomfort. The warmth of the soaked pads seeps into the body and induces a deep sense of relief. Short, gentle and rhythmic massage strokes followed by a medicated herbal pack further alleviate stress and enhance the healing process. Emerge from this treatment with renewed agility and comfort. At least three treatments of Pichu are recommended for maximum benefit.

Kati Basti : An authentic traditional treatment for relieving fatigue of the upper or the lower back

Duration - 60 mins


A sublime massage treatment performed on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience. This treatment benefits the entire body by stimulating the reflex zones of the feet. A royal extravagance for weary feet.


Sammardana : Indian Deep Tissue Massage

Duration - 60 mins


A customised technique of muscle massage performed by specially trained hands, which work on your deep-seated stress. Experience enhanced mobility of joints and let a deep sense of relief fill you.






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